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Like something out of Nickelodian... - Unbeliever's Land
...The continuing chronicles...
Like something out of Nickelodian...
How is it even possible that RED GOO FELL FROM THE SKY IN INDIA that might just possibly be THE FIRST ALIEN LIFE EVER DETECTED, and the first I've heard of it is four years later???

Popular Science article

Wikipedia article

I mean, OK, we don't know WHAT the stuff is yet, granted.  And we knew even less when it first appeared.  But STILL -- isn't red rain, in and of itself, even SLIGHTLY newsworthy?  I mean, surely we haven't gotten to the point where large segments of the world population hold out their hands, inspect the RED GOO landing on them, and go, "Eh.  Red rain.  So what else is new?"

According to Wikipedia, this occurred "sporadically" for TWO MONTHS.  This was before Iraq -- it was even before 9/11.  How could this POSSIBLY not have made the news?

(Angela and I are both sci-fi and astronomy geeks, and she in particular specializes in aliens and UFOs.  We're both seriously Net-connected.  If there was any significant buzz about this, I have to think we'd have heard before now...  Have any of you heard of India's red rain before this?)

Why do I have the feeling that the day scientists finally DO confirm that we've discovered alien life, Michael Jackson will marry Britanny Spears or something, and the whole alien life story will never even hit the papers...?

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