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Not to keep bashing Christians, but... - Unbeliever's Land
...The continuing chronicles...
Not to keep bashing Christians, but...
LifeWay Christian Resources is taking "Breast Cancer Awareness Bibles" off their shelves -- because some of the proceeds will go toward saving women's lives.

Southern Baptist, "pro-life" values at work...

Also: prominent atheist Christopher Hitchens finally succumbed to his cancer last night.

Christopher Hitchens

Religion justifies the unjustifiable.  It enables good people to do evil, because it defines "good" so abstractly.  If God wants it, it must be good -- and conveniently, "God" always sounds a lot like you do.

Religion is "a way" -- a way of coping with unpleasantness like death and injustice, by denying them altogether.

Death isn't real; you just go to heaven.  Injustice may happen HERE, but God will all sort it out later.

Hitch didn't need the lies.  He didn't LIKE the idea of dying, but he understood that the universe didn't ask his permission to work as it does.  Reality isn't up for a vote, and even in death, he was strong enough to face the truth.

Goodbye, Hitch.  You were frequently rude and unpleasant, and I didn't always agree with your politics -- but you believed in facing facts, and that trait is far too rare in today's world.

We'll miss you...

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