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True story of personal stupidity - Unbeliever's Land
...The continuing chronicles...
True story of personal stupidity
Happy new year.

Not personally feeling all that optimistic these days -- but at least I can say I'm pretty sure Obama will beat Romney in November, and that anyone ELSE the Repubs manage to nominate would be even EASIER to beat.  So there's that.

OK.  I installed a new crossword app on my Droid -- the app is free, no ads, and it downloads free crosswords from multiple sources online daily.  Considering I've never been much for crosswords, it's actually pretty fun.

So I was working on one recently, and the clue was "You may make it walk the dog", and the answer was four letters, of which I'd already filled in two: _O_O

Now of course it's OBVIOUS to YOU guys, but I swear I stared blankly at it FOR-bloody-EVER, thinking "but ROBOT has *FIVE* letters!".

And the punch line?  Right next to this word in the puzzle was a five letter word.  Clue: "Bomb-defusing worker".  ...and I didn't get that one for for at least as long.  (All I could think was, yeesh, sucks to have YOUR job...)


[You see, in *MY* universe, "walk the dog" is something you do with a DOG, and robots live in Asimov stories where violence is almost unheard of...]

Anyway, happy new year...

Current Emotional State: sad sad

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