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Random Thoughts - Unbeliever's Land
...The continuing chronicles...
Random Thoughts
[Note: This isn't the randomess test like kightp took.  Yeah, I tried it -- but I didn't like the results (I'm some sort of ninja from some series I don't know or watch.  Bah.) -- so here's some actual randomness in action, instead.]

Random Thought 1: White chocolate piratey M&Ms are GOOOD.  :)

Random Thought 2: I really have a pretty wonderful wife.  Yeah, she makes me want to bang my head on hard objects from time to time, but really: she loves me, she worries about me, and she's willing to spend a day of her life scanning and cleaning up old photos from my childhood in order to make a really cool photo album
for a Father's Day gift for my decrepit 93-year-old dad.  How much more could a guy ask?

Random Thought 3: Can't wait until NeverWinter Nights II comes out in a few months!   (Angela and I love to play PC D&D games together.)  I was a little anxious that Bioware wasn't doing the sequel -- but they're "consulting", and the folks that ARE doing the game (Obsidian Entertainment) are largely made up of refugees from Black Isle, who did the original Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale games -- so this should definitely be good...

Random Thought 4: I better get back to work soon.

Random Thought 5: Damn.  No more white chocolate piratey M&Ms... :(

Current Emotional State: silly random

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