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I hate Mondays... - Unbeliever's Land
...The continuing chronicles...
I hate Mondays...
My anxiety levels always skyrocket Monday mornings; I'm just miserable the first half of the day.  No particular reason, just... seriously "vibrating" and anxious.  Bleah.

On this particular Monday, Houston is flooding:  10.5 inches of rain reported at the height of the morning rush hour.   Almost 6 inches of rain fell in just 75 minutes near Hobby Airport.

My parents -- who live on the NW side of town, as far as you can get from the Gulf and still be in Houston -- had the water come up out of the street and halfway up their lawn.  And they're on fairly high ground!

For now, the rain has let up and the streets are cleared where my parents are (the south side of town is nowhere near as lucky) -- but the weather system's supposed to circle around and do it all over again tonight.  (The weather system is sort of a "windless hurricane".)  Yeesh.

In other Monday news, today's the big day at work where my three-month-long programming project gets moved to Production, and we get to see if it actually works.  Cross your fingers; it could be a long week...

UPDATE: All of today's tests (on my programming project, newly loaded into Production) worked perfectly, the first time!!!  We're not out of the woods yet -- lots of additional testing to do later this week and next week.  But in the meanwhile, my Current Mood has officially changed...

Current Emotional State: stressed stunned

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