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Random Personal Stuff - Unbeliever's Land
...The continuing chronicles...
Random Personal Stuff
My beautiful and talented wife oregongirl1969 has been posting about most of our personal news these days (mainly concerning our beagle's Highly Valuable Butt, which is the only orifice through which she HASN'T befouled our bed this past week-and-a-half).

So what else is new?

Well, ummm... we've discovered LiveJournal!  That's new!  (Well, actually, that's very, very old... everyone I know has been here forever, but gosh, nobody *TOLD* me that LiveJournaling was actually a fun and easy way to keep up with your friends, while keeping everyone updated on you at the same time!)  ;)  [Yeah, I'm DEFINITELY asking for it...]

So Angela and I are going through what must be a very common newbie phase ("The Infatuation Phase"), where we're constantly tinkering with our LiveJournal layout, changing colors and font sizes, adding links and friends...  Don't be too surprised by any radical changes in the next week or so!  We're enjoying this so much, we're already considering ponying up to become paid users...

...and this post got longer than I anticipated, so here comes my first try at a LiveJournal Cut:

Hmmm... other personal news...

1) Well, my Only Living Grandparent died a couple of months ago. My mom's mom (Lillie Bell Laursen) had been living in a nursing home in a near-vegetative state for over a decade, so it wasn't a HUGE surprise. But my mother's been taking care of her on a nearly daily basis all of this time (visitting, doing her laundry, managing her health needs, etc), and while my mom struggled furiously to keep her alive, in the end, it was just time. And my overstressed mother can finally relax and let go of one burden...

This was the closest death (to me) that I've ever experienced (yes, I've been very lucky), but I wasn't able to make it to Houston for the funeral... (I've still never been to one).

2) My sister Rachel (who got married in 2003, a year after Angela and I did) is getting divorced. Really, no surprise there either. It would be mean to say "the surprise was that the really nice guy married her in the first place", so I won't say it. But good things do have a way of not lasting very long, in her presence. It's sort of a theme in her life...

3) I've been recently (in the past year) been diagnosed with diabetes. I see the specialist every 3 months, and with medication, he says my blood sugar is excellent.

...Which I am (stupidly) taking to mean that I can proceed with my high-sugar high-carb lifestyle... OK, I *AM* making a few concessions (switched to diet sodas a year BEFORE being diagnosed, trying to use Splenda more often, etc), but there's still many places (chocolate milk, treats at work) where my behavior remains very un-diabetic-like.

Bad Unbe.

OK, this has gotten too long... any other catching up on personal news will have to happen in a later post. TTFN...

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