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Death & Destruction - Unbeliever's Land
...The continuing chronicles...
Death & Destruction
  • World Trade Center -- flattened.
  • New Orleans -- erased.
  • Afghanistan -- crumbling.
  • Iraq -- disintegrating.
  • North Korea -- launching.
  • Palestine -- bombed.
  • Lebanon -- invaded.
  • Iran -- next?

You know, I never really appreciated how much direct and indirect damage the President (and his appointees, and his congressional enablers) could cause in six short years.  Presidential incompetence (and/or deliberate evil) has caused or at least greatly exasperated all of this death and destruction, with more guaranteed to come.  And this isn't even counting the poverty and misery his social policies have caused at home.

As governor, prisoner executions in Texas reached record levels.  This man is Death Incarnate, a living, breathing Horseman of the Apocalypse.  He leaves every business or government he comes into contact with, in ruins.

For the love of humanity, PLEASE find a close congressional race somewhere in this country and throw some money at the Democratic candidate.  It doesn't have to be a local race.  You don't have to know what his positions are.  All that matters -- the ONLY important issue -- is getting a Democratic majority in one or both houses of Congress, so we can FINALLY start riding the brakes.

The cliff is closer than you think...

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