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Happy Anniversary! - Unbeliever's Land
...The continuing chronicles...
Happy Anniversary!
An open anniversary card to my wife.

Dearest Angela:

On Saturday, November 6, 1999, we met for the very first time.

I had been admiring your online personal ad for a couple of weeks, and had finally worked up the nerve to respond a couple of days prior.  We exchanged several emails those first couple of days, and we "clicked".  We shared a love of computers, and science fiction.  We both actively disliked sports.  And neither of us had any use for religion, gods, or any of the other popular supernatural beliefs that plague our culture.

It was a match made in heaven.  ;)

Now, it so happens that November 6th was already going to be one of the busiest days of my life.  But since our interests seemed to mesh so well, I took a chance and asked if you would be interested in sharing my day with me.  You said yes, and after staying up most of the night talking to each other on the phone for the first time (we only got 2-3 hours sleep), I arrived at your apartment to pick you up, and we finally met.

We gabbed nonstop on the drive up to Portland, and could hardly keep ourselves quiet when we finally arrived at the World Forestry Center to attend the Second Annual Oregon Atheist/Humanist/Skeptic Symposium.

There, you met representatives of every secular group in Oregon, including my "secular circle of friends", the members of Corvallis Secular Society.  We spent the morning through mid-afternoon listening to speeches, participating in workshops, and socializing.  You had the time of your life, though you were a little overwhelmed by it all.

But alas, we had to cut out a little early, because my day wasn't finished yet!  As fate would have it, a play I was running sound for had a performance that night that I HAD to get back for.  So we ducked out of a workshop, and raced back to Albany, where you sat in the audience and watched "Return to the Forbidden Planet", while I ran the sound effects, upstairs in the booth.  You enjoyed the show, despite nearly nodding off due to a lack of sleep and an already-exhausting day.  But we weren't done yet!

After the show, you came with me to Riley's Pool Hall to meet and hang out with my "theater circle of friends".  We stayed and chatted with the actors for a couple of hours, then finally made it back to your place where we... continued to get to know each other.

It ended up being a nearly 24-hour first date.  But you learned more about me, my life and my friends during that time, than I would have dreamt possible.  And you liked what you saw.

Sixteen months later, we bought a house together.  Sixteen months after THAT, we were married.  And today, as we approach seven years from our first amazing date, is the fourth anniversary of that marriage.  (We have a calico cat, a demonic beagle, a mortgage, and more debt than we can ever repay.  We are living the American Dream!)

You are still one of the sweetest, and kindest people I know.  We continue to have so much in common, it's eerie.  And the places where we're different -- where we are 180-degrees-opposite -- we STILL fit each other like a glove.  (I like white meat, you like dark meat -- so there's no question over who gets what when we carve a turkey!)

You put up with my quirks, and love me anyway.  I'd say I put up with yours, but let's face it, you're perfect.  ;)

But in all seriousness, I love you as much now as I ever have -- and I always will.  The last four years have been... interesting!  And I wouldn't have wanted to share them with anyone else in the world.  Happy anniversary, Moochie...

Now let's go to Denny's!  ;)

Current Emotional State: loved loved

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oregongirl1969 From: oregongirl1969 Date: July 28th, 2006 12:48 am (UTC) (Link)
You're so sweet. :) It's been a wonder ride through life these past nearly seven years and there's no one I would rather travel with than you. I love you very much. Happy Anniversary!

How about a "Grand Slam"?!
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