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Speaking of classic games... - Unbeliever's Land
...The continuing chronicles...
Speaking of classic games...
Check out Best Old Games for a real blast from the past. Last night, I played Populous for the first time since I was rooming with unkaphaed (and using his machine) 16 years ago! I also played a bit with The Incredible Machine, and have downloaded, but not yet tried, the various Lemmings incarnations and Dungeon Master I and II.

Why can't anyone bothering making fun and cheesy games like these anymore? Ah, these kids today with their bump-maps and their dual-cored thingamahoozits. What do they know about great gaming? Why, I remember back when 64K *MEANT* something, and 16 colors was all you needed grumble grumble grumble mutter.... ;)

Current Spatial Coordinates: Wishing I were home playing Populous...
Current Emotional State: geeky geeky

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