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My day - Unbeliever's Land
...The continuing chronicles...
My day
I'll take a cue from unkaphaed and describe my day five years ago.

I got up that morning, same as always, and stumbled around till I was awake. I hauled my sleepy ass into the shower as Angela started to wake up and flip on the TV. About halfway through the shower, she opened the door to the bathroom and said, "Something is going on. I'm not sure what, but..."

I finished my shower and came into the bedroom. The news channels were all doing an excellent job of talking excitedly nonstop without ever actually saying what the hell was going on. Buzzbuzzbuzz unconfirmed. Buzzbuzzbuzz pentagon. Buzzbuzzbuzz horrible. Buzzbuzzbuzz New York.

Finally, some footage appeared, and they started summarizing what they knew of what actually happened. We sat and watched, stunned, wondering if we were actually under attack from another country. Wondering if it were possible we might be about to die. (Highly unlikely -- anybody that bombs Albany Oregon, Really Seriously Missed wherever they were actually shooting for...)

After an hour or so, I finished getting dressed and headed off for work, where it was really quiet and grim...

And today, five years later, the country's gone straight to hell, enthusiastically driven there by our Dear Leader. We've thrown out all the good will we initially received from the world, acted like bullies, and attacked other countries that never hurt us. We've tossed aside the civil rights that made us who we were, and embraced the idea of secret prisons and torture.

We've seen five years of shameless manipulation and propagandizing -- everything done in the name of security, yet nothing to actually make us safer.

We're sick to death of it. And unless the Dems take back Congress *AND* develop enough of a spine to actually fight back, we're looking at two more years of the same...

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