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Let's talk religion - Unbeliever's Land
...The continuing chronicles...
Let's talk religion
Everybody's big on "The DaVinci Code" these days, a novel which (as I understand it, not having paid too much attention to it) tells how Church has been keeping a big secret all these years -- that Jesus actually got Mary Magdalene pregnant, and Jesus' great-great offspring might still be wandering around today.

I think the novel's got one thing right.  I think there really is a conspiracy, of sorts, to hide the truth of the world's religious history.  Specifically, I think that any halfway intelligent person, who studies the mythologies and religions of past cultures, must inevitably realize that mythology and religion are one and the same -- and that what any culture today considers a sacred religion, is merely "modern mythology".  (Someday, future humans will scoff at our culture's foolish worshipping of "Jesus", before quietly sitting down to pray to the Great and Holy Potato God.)

So why don't historians say something about how religion (at least insofar as it makes historical and/or factual claims) is nonsense?  Well, a few *DO* -- and are about as popular as older kids standing next to the "sit with Santa" line, telling younger ones that Santa's not real (and for the same reason).  The rest are either too cowed by the huge "religious establishment" to stand up and say something, or they are part of the religious establishment themselves.

Every major religion-pusher knows full well they're selling snake oil.  Why do you think they push it so hard?  Does the truth ever need a major advertising campaign and "true believers" going door-to-door trying to make you believe?

"Gravity -- It's what holds you down!"  "If you don't believe in gravity, someday you may go flying into space!"  Sheesh.

These people, the Pat Robertsons and Jerry Falwells of the world, know EXACTLY what they're doing.  They chose the "religion biz" precisely because it's an easy way to vast wealth and political power in this country.  I'm sure they justify themselves, insomuch as they think of it at all, by arguing that they're bringing joy and comfort to those who are in need.

You don't need to lie, to bring comfort to people.  Counselors do it all the time!  But taking the time to really get to know someone and help them on a personal basis is a long and arduous task.  Meanwhile, telling them their loved ones aren't REALLY dead, just in heaven -- or telling them that if they pray hard enough, their cancer will disappear -- is quick and easy!  Religious lies can be broadcast to millions of people at once -- and condensed into simple, easy sound bites.  Throw in a little religious fervor and a few "Amen"s, and you're in business.  Literally.

When their cancer gets worse, you can always say they didn't pray hard enough.  And if their cancer DOES happen to go into remission, praise the lord, you've got a genuine miracle to show off next week in church.  You can't lose!

All right.  I guess I wasn't going anywhere with this.  I just felt an urgent need to rant, all of a sudden...  Doubtless there'll be more later... :)

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