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D&D Goodness - Unbeliever's Land
...The continuing chronicles...
D&D Goodness
I just pre-ordered NeverWinter Nights II (you get it cheaper for preordering, plus you get extra goodies).

Now I just need a clean office, a new computer desk, and a new computer to play it on... by Halloween.

No problem! :)

Computer D&D games are our high-quality time together. (Angela points and says "Go there!", or "Save now!", or "try the fireball spell!", and I drive the mouse and try not to do anything too overly stupid, like attacking a monster without saving first...)

Hope nobody expects anything too productive or intelligible out of Angela and me for a few months... If it doesn't involve elvish magic-users or half-orc barbarians, we may not be very useful... :)

Current Emotional State: geeky geeky

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