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Office Update v0.7 - Unbeliever's Land
...The continuing chronicles...
Office Update v0.7
Fully half of the furniture is now assembled -- and I'm just about out of space in my office. (I knew I should have taken some measurements before buying all that!)

On the bright side:

1) The five smaller pieces are stackable. I can turn two of the pieces into one extra-tall piece, if that's what I decide I want to do...

2) The pieces can still be useful elsewhere in the house, even if they DON'T end up in my office.

3) And of course, they were on sale for Seriously Cheap, so the world doesn't actually END if I overbought.

Meanwhile, Thanksgiving approaches, and while the office construction isn't complete yet, I strongly suspect that the Moochie will want the boxloads of old office rubble Out Of Her Living Room any minute now...

I should have seriously taken some "Before" pictures of the Great Office Rehabilitation. Just picture a room with every available surface (including the floor) COMPLETELY covered in rubble (and boxes of rubble) to the point where merely entering the room was an invitation to avalanche. Now add in the fact that the computer desk (supporting my HEAVY 19" CRT monitor and computer tower) was a tiny thing made of plastic, with the keyboard tray snapped off and one of the two legs dangerously close to abandoning ship as well.

It was definitely time for a change. :)

I'll post some "After" pics just as soon as I've finalized what "After" is going to look like... :)

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