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Office Update v0.9 - Unbeliever's Land
...The continuing chronicles...
Office Update v0.9
The replacement part for the mis-drilled piece of my hutch arrived, and the hutch was quickly assembled and installed on my new computer desk.

Then I spent the better part of two days assembling a furniture piece with a whole bunch of drawers.

We still have two unbuilt pieces of furniture; if we use them at all, we'll either put them in Angela's office, or stack them in my office (at the moment, none of my new furniture pieces are stacked on top of each other, although they're designed so they can be).

But at the moment, my office wall space is filled (literally -- down to the last inch. I had to buy lots of those lay-flat-against-the-wall extension cords to be able to access the electrical outlets on two walls)... so I'm assuming that I'm DONE with adding the "adding new furniture" phase of the Great Office Project.

Now begins the process of sucking all my old office clutter back OUT of the living room, and into all the new office furniture. And tossing out anything I don't actually need anymore (ah, the painful part).

And then... the new office will finally be complete! :)

[And THEN... we start on Angela's Office! *SHUDDER*]

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