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Of Christmas And Spoons... - Unbeliever's Land — LiveJournal
...The continuing chronicles...
Of Christmas And Spoons...
Spent the week prior to Christmas, literally until Christmas Eve, running all sorts of Necessary Errands and generally stressing out, as I am wont to do.

Only got 1/3 of our outside Christmas decorations up and lit. Got another 1/3 up, but every time I tried to light it, it popped the circuit breaker. Never had that problem LAST year... So that kinda sucked. Made my Moochie sad too, and I hate that alot.

Also I didn't get any presents sent to friends; even though I knew what I wanted to get them. I hate that, too.

Some of you may remember Angela's post a few months ago about Chronic Pain, and the "spoon" metaphor. Basically, spoons represent how much energy you are allotted to use during the day. When you have Chronic Pain, you only have a limited number of spoons, and you have to allocate them carefully. Every little thing you do costs one or more spoons, and if you run out too early, you are crippled for the next day (or more). You don't regenerate anywhere near a full day's worth of spoons each night; using them all today means you start with much fewer tomorrow.

Where am I going with this? Well, I've figured out something. When your married, you share EVERYTHING. Including spoons.

We aren't two people, one of whom having a depleted number of spoons. We're ONE person, with me spending spoons like a drunken sailor, trying to just get us both through each day.

I love Angela more than I can say -- and she loves me. I *WANT* to use my spoons for her, to prevent her from suffering so badly. But that means we're BOTH out of energy just dealing with normal life. And when unusually busy times hit -- like Christmas -- things start Not Getting Done.

I wanted to get those lights up. I wanted to get those gifts mailed on time. I still want to finish working on my office. *SIGH*...


That said, Angela and I *DID* have a nice Christmas together.

I got her some earrings she's always wanted, a variety of exotic flavored decaf coffee beans (she's got a coffee maker that grinds it's own beans), RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 and SimCity 4, amongst other things.

She got me the Richard Donner cut of Superman 2, a DVD set of previously-lost fragments of ancient Doctor Who episodes, Lego Star Wars II and Sid Meyer's Railroads, amongst other things.

[I'm enjoying the LEGO Star Wars game alot right now. Oh, it's got its annoyances -- like you can't rotate the camera, and you can't save except at the end of each overly-long segment. It also takes awhile to get the "feel" of the game. But it's very clever and fun, with hysterically funny cut scenes. You see, the characters KNOW they're made of Lego...]

We had Christmas Lunch with Angela's dad and stepmom. They are very sweet, and we enjoy seeing them and chatting. But once again, it meant more errands -- grocery runs, extra tidying and cleaning THROUGH Christmas morning itself...

So we really weren't able to RELAX until... well, yesterday.


Today we actually went to Salem to have lunch at Olive Garden with some friends from Portland we rarely get to see -- and then we were still able to see a movie! Obviously, we've finally started rebuilding our reserve of spoons...

[We saw "Eragon" -- of which I'll say, anyone who doesn't start quoting Star Wars lines during the movie, FREQUENTLY, Just Isn't Paying Attention. We were literally cracking up...]

So tonight, we're BOTH posting to LJ for the first time in weeks. And if the spoons hold out, I hope to follow this up with an end-of-year post tomorrow... and maybe finally get my friends the belated Christmas presents I've had in mind. But mostly, I'm going to try and save my spoons for the next two days, so I can start work again "fresh" on Tuesday...

God. I'm not ready to start thinking about work yet...

Current Emotional State: rejuvenated rejuvenated

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rickvs From: rickvs Date: December 31st, 2006 11:54 am (UTC) (Link)
> you share EVERYTHING. Including spoons.

Agreed. But in my own case, while I get more efficient use out of my spoons than Rachal, I still must convince her that she need not feel guilty if I do chores that she considers "hers".

I'm envious of your Richard Donner movie :>
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