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Environmental Idiots... - Unbeliever's Land
...The continuing chronicles...
Environmental Idiots...
I listened to the author of a book "debunking" Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth", being interviewed on Air America Radio this morning on the way in to work.

The guy REALLY wanted to be taken seriously, and was SO earnest about his findings.

He gave several examples where (he claimed) Gore was greatly exaggerating the danger.

For instance, Gore claims that a particular ice sheet melting at rate X would be tragic, but at present it's only melting at a small fraction of that rate.

Gore also claims that the partially-melted glacier would move into the ocean at such-and-such a speed, but at present it's only moving at a small fraction of that rate.

Every argument the "debunker" advanced, was literally, "well, the rate is not that bad NOW". It's like the idiot's never heard of the concept of ACCELERATION.

If I stomp on the gas pedal in a car from a dead stop, and hit a wall half a second later, I might get bumped slightly. If I hit the wall 10 seconds later, it'll likely KILL me.

Maybe the ice shelf IS only moving 5 cm a year -- this year. But if that speed has doubled every year for the past 20 years, you don't get to suddenly pretend that that 5 cm figure is a constant.

The worst thing is that oil companies are paying millions of dollars to idiots like this, to try and buy just a few extra years of disgusting profit margins... and our current government is perfectly happy with this arrangement...

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