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Snow, Bush, Work, and Candy... - Unbeliever's Land
...The continuing chronicles...
Snow, Bush, Work, and Candy...
Well I, for one, am enjoying the "just right" snow we've had for the last couple of days here in the Mid-Willamette Metroplex of Albany/Corvallis.  Just enough snow to make everything pretty, not enough to make the roads impassable (yet).  I know Denver is jealous...  :)


Words cannot express the joy with which I beheld Bush give his speech last night.  Because it's written all over his face -- he's going down in flames, HARD, and he knows it.  This was his last desperate attempt to stall for time, and try to convince everyone "It's still good!  It's still good!"  But the sound of crickets chirping was deafening.  *NOBODY*, Repub or Dem alike, is standing behind Bush this time (with the possible exceptions of McCain and Lieberman, but really, even THOSE bootlickers are fumbling around behind their backs looking for a doorknob)...

Surge all you want, George... it'll just make your downfall all the sweeter...

[EDIT: This is not to say there was no horror as well.  The man apparantly thinks that the only way to turn things around politically is to pick additional fights with Syria and/or Iran -- and he's gearing up as if to do so.  I can only hope that he finds himself unable to pull it off -- or that if he tries it, even waiving the flag and screaming "New war!" won't be enough to save him...]


At work, my tentative first tests of an automatic process to get students off of waitlists and into actual classes, seems to actually be working!!!  Doing my happy dance!  Happy happy happy...


If you can get specific flavors of Jelly Bellies in quantity, I recommend getting equal amounts of "peanut butter" and "grape jelly" flavors and eating 'em together.  Mmmm, perfect.  I think Angela got me enough for Xmas to last me a month of semi-continuous snacking at work... :)

...However, TOO many jelly bellies, and you suddenly feel the need for some Real Food.  Think I'll go find some.  TTFN...


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