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Short-Term Thinking - Unbeliever's Land
...The continuing chronicles...
Short-Term Thinking
If there is one problem with this country (hell, with the world), it's short-term thinking.

We seem completely incapable of seeing the big picture and planning for the future, if there's an immediate benefit to be had by looking the other way.

The environment is the obvious example. We will ignore global warming, despite all the warning signs, because it's too economically inconvenient to take it seriously. We will chop down the forests, suck out the oil, pollute the air and water, as fast as possible -- all for greater profit now. Oh sure, occasionally some do-gooder will actually get a few pro-environment laws passed. But they're never seriously enforced, and there's always a way around them. Besides, if they get too inconvenient, just wait a short while, and Republicans will "fix" them for you...

Bush apparantly got us into Iraq in order to enrich his buddies in the oil and weapons businesses, and maybe due to a personal grudge and the desire for the power of a "war president" as well. Did he care that he might well be starting World War III in the process?

The thing that's got me bugged now is an editorial I just read in the NY Times (subscription required) about how Illinois is about to sell off their lottery profits for the next 75 years, in exchange for a large lump sum payment up front. And Indiana is considering following suit!

Does anyone think these states are going to put this money into giant savings accounts and "live off the interest"? Hell no. Illinois is about to act like... well, like they won the lottery. It's a drunken spending spree, BIG money for all of the usual suspects, and barely a penny left by the time the next elections come 'round. And THEN... 70+ years of hangover, with no giant pool of money AND no lottery proceeds. But what do THESE politicians care? They'll be long gone before it all comes crashing down.

Short-term thinking. Otherwise known as "I've got mine, good luck getting yours!" God, I hate it...

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