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STRESS - Unbeliever's Land
...The continuing chronicles...
Angela and I have both simply had too much on our plates for too long.  We're both quiet people to begin with -- we *NEED* our Down Time.  And between her health issues, and the energy I have to exert BECAUSE of her health issues, we just don't have the strength between us to keep up all of the volunteer stuff we've been doing.

So we're changing a few things...

Angela is Treasurer of our Homeowner's Association -- but as of this month, the Association is hiring someone else to do all the busy work.  The billing, the phone calls, the accounting, the paperwork, and a great deal more, all goes away.  All she'll have to do from now on in look over the reports to make sure everything is going as we expect, and occasionally print a few fliers.

Angela is also Treasurer of our secular group, Corvallis Secular Society -- but as of this Saturday, she's quitting that entirely.    She's done the job for several years now; let someone else deal with it.

She'll still be Box Office Coordinator for Albany Civic Theater, but that hopefully won't be too bad, once her non-theater responsibilities are reduced.

As for me, I'm still doing the Corvallis Secular Society newsletter (the Willamette Freethinker).  I'd very much love to give it up, but everybody keeps telling me how much they love it and don't want it to change.  The flattery's helped keep me going this long -- but the newsletter absolutely DRAINS me and kills an entire weekend each month.  I just don't think I can do it much longer...

I've already scaled back my theater duties -- I've only run sound for one show in the last 3-4 years, and I don't even DESIGN sound but once a season or so.  ("Design sound" being a fancy way of saying, download and edit a few sound effects and make a CD out of them.)

I deliberately never took an official position on the Homeowner's Association -- I help out, but strictly in the capacity of Angela's Other Half (principly, her arms and legs).

Stress is one of the KEY things that drains me.  My main source of stress right now is work.  The only way to reduce that stress is to be more productive at work, but in order to be more productive at work, I need more energy, which I don't have because I'm stressed...


I seriously need to win the lottery...

Current Emotional State: stressed stressed

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amaebi From: amaebi Date: February 15th, 2007 04:32 am (UTC) (Link)
I can only hope that you'll stay with the newsletter long enough to interview me! :D
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