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Dems 2008 - Unbeliever's Land
...The continuing chronicles...
Dems 2008
My thoughts on the current "major" Democratic presidential hopefuls...

John Edwards: My #1 choice. If 2004's ticket had been Edwards/Kerry rather than Kerry/Edwards, the last couple of years would have been very different. As it is, I very much like his frank "Yes, I made a mistake" answer to people questioning his Iraq vote. [Of course, it would have been even better if he'd voted right in the FIRST place.] I think Edwards is the most left-leaning of the "major candidates" -- so I'm rooting for him.

Barack Obama: Young. Black. "Clean. Articulate." :) Despite his lack of experience, I wouldn't mind an Obama presidency. I can certainly see him making HUGE changes to our national priorities (in a Good Way). But maybe I'm just giggling at the thought of the race itself, with the Republican candidate completely tied in knots trying to demonize Obama without appearing racist... :)

Hillary Clinton: Too much of a triangulator to be my first choice -- not nearly left-wing enough. *BUT* -- the sheer joy of watching Republicans' heads literally exploding at the prospect of Eight More Years of Clinton, is hard to turn down... :)

As for Howard Dean and Al Gore, either of them would have made an excellent President. But I think (and THEY think) that at this point, they're better off where they are, bringing about change from OUTSIDE the White House...

(And as for John Kerry, all I can say is, thank god HE isn't running again.)

No matter how embarrassing Bush is as a President, I'll say this for him -- he's gonna be a hell of alot MORE embarrassing as an ex-President... :) :) :)

Current Emotional State: hopeful hopeful

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