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Shoes that go BOING... - Unbeliever's Land
...The continuing chronicles...
Shoes that go BOING...
As Angela said in her post, we had a lovely day yesterday. If we were religious, we'd thank our deity-of-choice for a weekend of nice, sunny weather (following over a week of the cold grey drizzle that USUALLY passes for winter Oregon weather). Since we're not, we happily admit that we Just Got Lucky.

Anyway, Angela was feeling well enough Sunday that we made it to Eugene to buy the special shoes I've been wanting for the past few months, following which we had a lovely meal at Outback, and arrived back home not TOO long after dark. She really needed a day out of the house (that didn't involve a hospital)... and I really needed a day out of the house WITH HER. To those of you with spouses whose mobility is not restricted by health issues, I say... take some time to appreciate that fact. Being away from the house together for five hours, even when half of that was shoe shopping, is a Big Deal for us, worthy of celebration.

Maybe now that Angela's bad gall bladder has been removed, we'll have more of these days! :)

So... about those shoes. They're spring-loaded. Really:

The company is called Z-Coil, and they are designed to be Serious Shock Absorbers for your feet. Angela's dad has been using them for years, and with my bad left foot, we figured it was high time for me to try them out.

So far (after one day), the verdict is... Very Interesting. I need to go back to have the left shoe adjusted a tad more -- I wasn't sure in the store if I needed it, but after walking in them awhile longer... yeah. I do.

They *DO* take some getting used to. But after I go back Saturday for that last adjustment, and once I'm used to 'em... I think they will be indispensable. We Shall See...

Oh, and I also got one more toy this weekend:

My new bluetooth headset for my cell phone. Now I can bounce down the grocery store aisles in springy shoes, talking to myself.

I am *SUCH* a geek... :)


Current Emotional State: happy happy

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From: kshandra Date: March 6th, 2007 06:36 am (UTC) (Link)
I've been wearing Z-coils for almost two years, now, and I ♥ them deeply. I went to the enclosed heels last May, thinking they'd look slightly more professional; I'm going back to opens when it's time to replace the heels this year, because I'm not feeling nearly as much of the benefit as I did in that first year. (It may actually be time to replace the shoes en toto, as I'm seeing wear patterns that speak to more overpronation than I should be getting in these.)
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