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Brooks pisses me off... - Unbeliever's Land
...The continuing chronicles...
Brooks pisses me off...
David Brooks' NYT column today (subscription required) really pisses me off.

Yet that doesn’t begin to cover the sadness that this trial arouses, for the proceedings have revealed the arc of what the administration was and could have been.


Today, the White House culture is less intense. The staff’s relationship to the president has simmered down, from devotion to mere admiration. The president’s failure to fire Donald Rumsfeld hurt White House morale. “This president is too patient with failure,” was one of the first bits of criticism I heard from a top Bush aide. Katrina depressed many staffers. After the loss of Congress in 2006, even the most fervent Bush loyalists gave themselves psychological permission to think for themselves, and to examine their performance.


The administration has also lost its transformational mind-set. After cruel experience, there’s a greater tendency to match ends to means, and to actually think about executing a policy before you embark upon it. There’s much more tolerance for serious freethinkers — the Johns Hopkins scholar Eliot Cohen was just hired at State.

In short, this administration’s capacities have waxed as its power has waned. And you can’t help but feel that today’s White House would have been much better at handling the first stages of the war on terror. But that’s the perpetual tragedy of life: the owl of Minerva flies at dusk. Wisdom comes from suffering and error, and when the passions die down and observation begins.
You know what, motherfucker? The White House isn't a goddamned frat house. You can't drink yourself into a stupor, piss on the floor, take an axe to the walls, set the furniture on fire, declare war on anyone and anything that looks at you cross-eyed, and then wake up six years later when your daddy takes away the keys to Congress, and act all contrite and Swear You've Learned A Valuable Lesson.

It doesn't work that way.

Some of us had the "owl of Minerva" on our side from the very beginning of this national nightmare -- and YOU were one of the ones making sure we were never taken seriously. The fact that you're STILL trying to smooth Bush's path for him, even now, after everything he's done to this country and the rest of the world, tells us all we'll ever need to know about YOU.

"What this administration COULD HAVE BEEN" ?!?!?  This is George W. Bush we're talking about.  What we've got is pretty much the BEST it "could have been"...

If the Times had any honor at all, they would have fired your ass a long time ago...


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