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What's New? - Unbeliever's Land — LiveJournal
...The continuing chronicles...
What's New?
Well, today was my coworker Edie's last day on the job. She actually retired a year ago, but did the whole "post-retirement stay part-time" thing to extend her retirement funds. HOWEVER, your managers have make a big case about how indispensable you are EACH YEAR, to keep you on in this post-retirement capacity -- and they've decided she no longer is.

However, they're WRONG. Certain People in our group still rely heavily on her knowledge, even though we've been here a long time ourselves and are SUPPOSED to know it all ourselves -- but we DON'T, 'cause our brains don't work the same way hers does... grumble grumble grumble...

It's gonna be rough not having her around to lean on when I get stuck... :(


I suppose I should report that the Jerry Andrus shindig went off without a hitch. Jerry managed to make it to both our secular meeting and his special event a couple of weeks ago (although he was too tired to give a speech or do any magic performances himself). [Angela, on the other hand, had a bad weekend and couldn't make it to either one.] It's still unclear how much longer Jerry's got -- the cancer is in his bones and spreading fast -- but we're glad to have known him this long, and we'll be glad for any remaining time we get to spend with him. He really is an amazing individual...


I finished rereading all of the Harry Potter books a few weeks ago, in anticipation of the final book coming out this July. [Angela is rereading them now.] We've each had some theories on how things play out in the last book (which WE'VE discussed, but won't share with anyone else for fear of ruining their fun)...

Actually, it amazes us that people are actually SELLING BOOKS ON AMAZON, speculating on the last Harry Potter book! Seriously!

WHY would ANYONE shell out money to read SOMEONE ELSE'S guesses about what may or may not happen in an upcoming book? I mean, either the guesses are WRONG -- is which case, you've paid someone money to make the same wrong guesses you could have made yourself -- or else, the guesses are RIGHT, and congratulations! You've just PAID MONEY to SPOIL THE ENDING of a series of books you theoretically care a great deal about. When you actually *DO* lay your hands on the final book, are you planning on flipping straight to the end and reading that first?!? Sheesh...


I am currently rereading the Thomas Covenant books -- wherefrom I originally drew my computer name, Unbeliever -- in anticipation of the next book in THAT series coming out this fall. (There are two completed trilogies -- The First and Second Chronicles of Thomas Covenant -- and a new four-part series, The Final Chronicles, of which the second book is the one due this year.)

I absolutely adore these books... but Angela would hate them. The protagonist is absolutely NOT a "hero". He is bitter and miserable, and when he is transported to the magical Land, he refuses to believe it's real (which is how he gets named The Unbeliever). He constantly struggles with his inner demons -- and it isn't until the end of the first trilogy, that he finally finds it in himself to "make peace" with the Land and reluctantly save the day.

Angela would have no patience with this guy at all. :)

But the Land is a beautiful place, and the beings who populate it are simply astonishing. If you like epic fantasy (a.k.a. the Lord of the Rings), you should give these a try. If you can make it through the first book, you'll be hooked for the rest...

(Warning -- keep a dictionary handy, or get used to just accepting words in context. Donaldson doesn't believe in avoiding difficult words just because nobody knows what they mean...)

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From: penitence69 Date: April 2nd, 2007 04:44 pm (UTC) (Link)


i LOVE the covenant books! i read those when i was in high school, and i remember having to look up a few words! nice to know i'm in good company. sheesh. i'll have to read them again. i loved the descriptions of the land. and the leper. . .
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