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My day (including Harold update) - Unbeliever's Land
...The continuing chronicles...
My day (including Harold update)
You know that place?

That place you're always trying to get to? Where everything is OK? There are no immediate crises, and everything just sorta works out?

Does *ANYONE* ever get to that place? Even for a short while?

I could swear I remember being there a few times, but it's been so long, my memory is starting to fade.

Since Angela had her gall bladder out, I've thought maybe we had finally found the right freeway to get there, at least. There was just the matter of finding the right stomach acid drug...


Woke up this morning, wasn't feeling very well. Thought, "OK, I'll sleep in, maybe get to work late and put in a partial day at least."

If only I'd known that would be the best part of my day.

Angela's been trying different stomach acid drugs since she had her gall bladder removed. The Prilosec wasn't doing enough, and her regular doctor was out of town, so the on-call doctor tried prescribing her something called Protonix. Since she started it three days ago, she's been getting increasingly bad cramps, backaches, headaches... and today, it got so bad, her joints started to feel like they had ground glass in them. She was nearly in tears, when we made an emergency call to the doctor and got some pain pills called in to our local pharmacy.

The pain is back under control for the moment, though we're hoping this won't set off a MAJOR Fibro flair-up tomorrow. As for her acid problem, she's back on Prilosec until we're sure she's stabilized again.

You might remember the last time Angela had a similar problem. Not that long ago, in an attempt to REDUCE her Fibro pain, she tried an extended-release version of the SAME DRUG SHE REGULARLY TAKES. After 2-3 days of that, her pain SKYROCKETED, her Fibro went NUTS, and it was WEEKS of significantly-higher-than-usual doses of her regular drugs, before she got back down to her USUAL levels of Fibro pain.

Our biggest hope right now is to avoid a repeat performance of THAT.

[UPDATE: I meant to point out here that it turns out that this Protonix stuff is ALSO time-released. Which sort of confirms our theory that it's something in the binding agent -- the chemical they use to prevent absorption of part of the drug for a short while -- that Angela reacts to so badly.]


And now on to the main event. Yup, today we got The Phone Call We've Been Waiting For.

Harold was found lying on the floor of his bedroom, after having suffered a stroke. We don't know how long he had been lying there -- it could have been days.

The neighbor that found him called 911, and the ambulance raced him to the hospital yesterday evening. Harold was very stiff -- "like rigor mortis" -- and he had fairly bad dehydration... but he was still alive.

Today, the neighbor started going through his things, to find the phone numbers to notify his family. She called us, and after calling the hospital to collect all the info I could, I turned around and started calling everyone else that needed to know. [Just as well I wasn't at work today... *SIGH*]

Harold can't talk -- but that's at least partially because of the tubes going down his throat. He *IS* conscious, and can respond to questions by nodding or shaking his head, and can squeeze the nurses hand when asked.

At least some part of his brain was starved for oxygen and appears to have died -- but how much of his brain this is, or what it will mean to his ability to function, we're not sure yet. He remains in Critical but Stable status in Intensive Care...

As with previous Harold Crises, we'll keep everyone informed as we learn more... He's just such an odd duck, and so utterly impossible to keep down, that I can't quite imagine that this could finally be... it....


So much for getting any rest today. Silly me...

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randibeeman From: randibeeman Date: April 6th, 2007 07:43 am (UTC) (Link)
Wow. I'm so sorry for all the shit that has come your way. Sending Angela healthy thoughts ...
From: (Anonymous) Date: July 6th, 2008 05:34 am (UTC) (Link)


I read how Angela is suffering from Fibromyalga... Read up on nutrasweet(asparatame) on the Internet. There is some information linking it to this disease. Since its an autoimmune disease it makes sense that something is triggering it. Hope things work out for your family.
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