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"Improving" - Unbeliever's Land — LiveJournal
...The continuing chronicles...
We've talked to the neurologist.

Harold's "improving". God.

He's told us repeatedly that he wouldn't want to live like this, and he's told the nurse today to pull the plug.

We've asked the neurologist to start the procedures toward getting the nutrition ended. But it's going to take a meeting of the doctors, and an evaluation by the ethics panel -- and they MIGHT require me to show up in person. So we're still talking at least a day or two before this happens, maybe more.

We don't want to "rush". But we also don't want to torture Harold, and put him through even more grief.

He's never going to be independent again. The BEST CASE scenario is him, half-paralyzed, in a diaper, in a nursing home. Maybe eating, with difficulty. Maybe with a feeding tube.

And he was abundantly clear that HE DIDN'T WANT THAT.

The longer we wait, the harder it is to do this. In fact, it may already be too late. This is Texas we're talking about; Assisted Suicide is not exactly their thing. By the time Harold is declared capable of making the decision -- the Good Bureaucrats may decide he's not allowed to.

Have I mentioned lately how much this sucks?

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From: penitence69 Date: April 10th, 2007 04:56 am (UTC) (Link)

um, yeah. . .

it takes an act of god, or some such thing, to get the doctors to NOT put someone on life support. and it's worse once they're on it. no amount of living will bullshite helps in these instances: you have to be there and stand firm with every nurse, doctor, social services bitch and hospital ethics panel they throw at you. otherwise, they just don't like to play fair.

i've decided living wills mean nothing. a best friend who swears to do what it takes is what i think i'll rely on. someone near and dear to me has asked me for many years to pull the plug if this situation ever arises with them. i'm sworn to obedience. i think i'd puke, though.

me? i'll go climbing with a bad rope when it's time.
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