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On the subject of dying... - Unbeliever's Land
...The continuing chronicles...
On the subject of dying...
Turns out Harold DOES have a signed Medical Directive -- he'd just never sent it to us. His lawyers have now faxed it to us (and yes, we're doing so much faxing these days that Angela has signed up with a service so we have our own fax number, can "print to fax", and receive faxes as email attachments).

This makes me feel MUCH better -- now it's not just my word telling the doctors that Harold would not want to continue living like this.

Now we have proof.


The new Willamette Freethinker is online.  Angela and I each have columns about the Harold situation.


Meanwhile, Bush's Supreme Court appointees have just fulfilled their secret devil-bargain with Bush by voting to uphold the Republican Congressional ban on "partial birth" abortions.

"Door's open, boys!"

Now all the Republicans need to do is develop an unpleasant-sounding name for the NEXT common abortion procedure, promote the new term to common acceptance via their Noise Machine, and before long, they can outlaw ALL abortions without ever admitting that this was their intention all along...

*SIGH*   If only we could have stopped Bush from stealing a second term... we could have prevented all this... :(


OK, too many posts lately about death and dying.  My next post shall be about Butterflies and Rainbows.  I swear.  ;)

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