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Der Shpeedermon - Unbeliever's Land
...The continuing chronicles...
Der Shpeedermon
Angela and I *DID* finally make it to see the latest Spiderman movie this weekend.

As expected, this was the weakest of the three Spiderman movies so far. There were plenty of really good moments, and it was still an enjoyable film -- but it definitely suffered from poor editing, and from having One Bad Guy Too Many to tell a proper story around...

Either a Sandman movie or a Venom movie would have been nice (the actors and CGI for both were excellent). Or maybe one of them could have teamed up with a lesser villain (rumor has it that the original idea was to have Sandman team up with the Vulture). But Sandman and Venom are both too BIG to pack into the same movie -- both from a character perspective, and simply as a threat to Spidey. Throwing them both in is overkill -- at the expense of better characterization. (Venom as a separate character hardly got any screen time at all!)

Then there's the whole 20-30 minutes (at least, it felt like that) they took to show us "Bad Peter" -- the effect that the Venom suit has on on hero. YEESH. We get it. The suit makes him nasty. You don't have to beat it into our heads for half an hour. OK, sure, have a LITTLE fun with it, but for crying out loud, you could have given SOME of that time over to Brock's Venom so we could have understood him better as a separate character...

I liked the culmination of Harry Osborne's story (though again, that could have been treated better if they'd stuck with one main villain and given Harry's story more time to fully develop.

The Two Worst Things In The Movie:

1) I assume this was just a bad editting decision -- but did we REALLY just see Spidey spectacularly save a girl, and then UTTERLY IGNORE A WILD, OUT-OF-CONTROL CRANE that was SMASHING INTO SKYSCRAPERS and DROPPING DOWN ONTO THE CROWD BELOW?!?!?

2) Spidey hates Sandman for being The Real Guy Who Killed His Uncle (which is, in itself, a Really Dumb plot element they just crammed into the movie for no reason). And then Spidey fights Sandman several times, including the Big Climactic Battle at the end, where Sandman nearly kills Spidey. Then after Spidey dispatches Venom, Sandman just kinda shows up and says "No hard feelings, I'm really not such a bad guy" and literally drifts off into the sunset?!?!? Did we miss a scene here? Kind of abrupt change of heart! (For that matter, Harry's change of heart was almost as abrupt -- though at least there, we got a scene with the butler explaining things to him and convincing him to go help Spidey after all...)

The more I think about Spiderman 3, the less happy I am with it. Which is really a damned shame, considering how much I loved the first two movies...

Current Emotional State: disappointed disappointed

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