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Ralph Nader Scares Me - Unbeliever's Land
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Ralph Nader Scares Me
I was just listening to Air America doing an interview with Ralph Nader on the way in to work this morning...

He is seriously pushing an effort that, if it stood any chance of actually HAPPENING, would scare the living crap out of me -- a national initiative process, similar to what we have in Oregon, by which anyone with enough signatures on a petition could force a nationwide vote to create a law or constitutional amendment, with absolutely no involvement by Congress or the Supreme Court!

He seems to think this would solve all our problems. And hey, if there turns out to be any problems with the initiative process, we can just file an initiative to fix it! What could be simpler?

If his last two presidential runs weren't enough to convince anyone that Nader has truly lost his mind, this should settle the matter once and for all.


Isn't our current governmental system set up specifically to AVOID a "tyranny of the majority"? To make the passing of ANY law, much less a constitutional amendment, a complex and difficult thing to do? I mean, granted, the past six years haven't exactly shown us a properly working Congress (OR Presidency), but does anyone actually think that throwing our entire legislative process open to the masses is a good idea?

Oregonians know something about the initiative process. 99% of what gets voted on is cleverly-disguised special interest CRAP -- or actual evil. (Oregon now has a CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT to ban gay marriage. Thank you, initiative process!)

Thankfully, this has far less chance of actually happening than Nader had of getting elected President. Still... it was scary stuff to listen to first thing in the morning!

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