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Life Update #6345 - Unbeliever's Land
...The continuing chronicles...
Life Update #6345
Last week was unusually good for me -- I felt better, more alert, and solved several of my long-standing programming problems at work. (I'm not sure if feeling better was the cause or the result of solving the problems, but in any case, my stress levels are down.)

Angela's been in more-or-less constant pain from her cracked tooth -- and of course when you have fibro, ANY ongoing pain magnifies and spreads... The drugs help, but not enough. She's still waiting in line for the dental surgeon...

Harold's been relatively stable. His friends held a 90th birthday party for him at the nursing home a couple of days ago -- haven't heard yet how that went.

Angela and I have been engaging in some attempted Doggy Behavioral Engineering. Instead of a cup of food, once a day, as the vets have told us is best for a beagle, we're doing a half-cup, twice a day. The idea is that:
1) After she eats, she is more mellow/drowsy and less hyper/evil, and we'd like to spread out that former behavior to include evenings.

2) She fully understands that she's supposed to go potty outside -- but when she's feeling evil, she likes to sneak into the living room and go there, instead. Immediately after she's eaten, though, she usually Feels The Urge -- so by feeding her twice a day (and letting her out immediately afterward both times), we're hoping to get more synchronized with her metabolism and prevent these "deliberates" (i.e. NOT accidents) on her part..
So far, while we haven't achieved perfection on either front, we're definitely seeing improvement on both...

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