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Commercial Annoyances - Unbeliever's Land
...The continuing chronicles...
Commercial Annoyances
I've had this thought many, many times lately, when watching TV -- but it's already been said perfectly by Elise awhile back on http://afterschoolsnack.blogspot.com/, so I'll just quote her:
[Concerning] That commercial for 21st Century Insurance, whose campaign is centered around their claim that "we're drivers, just like you":

Uh, yeah. And that distinguishes you from other auto insurance companies how, again? What, the good folks at Progressive are limited to skateboards? The Geico Gekko's a bicycle-only lizard? The State Farm people are driving tractors to work?

Give me a fucking break.
Hehehehehehe EXACTLY.  When I'm President, I'm outlawing meaningless statements in commercials.  (See my column in the latest Willamette Freethinker for more on this topic...)

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