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Harry Potter and the Pleasant Coast Trip - Unbeliever's Land
...The continuing chronicles...
Harry Potter and the Pleasant Coast Trip
Angela and I both finished the last Harry Potter book yesterday.

It goes without saying the we loved it... though we had a few minor complaints:

The bits where they camped in the tent, while trying to figure out their next move, seemed to drag on forever.

And the Frequent Gratuitous Deaths of previously beloved characters, within mere moments of their first appearance in the book, seemed... well, frequent and gratuitous. :(

Anyway, as of early tomorrow morning, we're off on our annual Trip to the Coast (it's our 5th Anniversary!), and won't be back till Monday evening. Four nights of relaxing, watching the waves... and rereading Harry Potter. :)

See you then...

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amaebi From: amaebi Date: July 26th, 2007 04:47 pm (UTC) (Link)
Absolutely agreed about the pace problem. The first third of the novel was actually compelling, even to me. The pace went into the toilet in the tent. I don't see any real reason for that section to be interminable. I'm just generally in doubt of What It's For.

Then, afterwards, things speed up, but to my mind we were sliding through a Programme, deedily tying things up.

And like you, I'm also rather startled at how characters just kind of slide away.
unbeliever64 From: unbeliever64 Date: July 27th, 2007 01:23 pm (UTC) (Link)
You could just FEEL Rowling's checklist. :)

"Don't need THAT character anymore... resolved THAT issue..." etc.

I *LOVED* the Snape Resolution near the end of the book, but I agree with Angela that the timing felt weird. "And now, in the middle of the Big Wizard War, Voldemort's gonna pause for an hour, so Harry doesn't have to feel bad about dashing off and watching home movies while deciding what to do next." That was very thoughtful of him!
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