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Home again! - Unbeliever's Land
...The continuing chronicles...
Home again!
Made it back home tonight, a bit sunburned and exhausted.

Check Angela's journal for the story of our first fancy meal out.

We had one more fancy meal out on our vacation -- this time, at a ritzy place in Depoe Bay called Tidal Raves (no link -- because apparently, no home page).

Yes, I remembered my wallet this time. :)

We actually tried several places in Newport first, but we didn't want to do Embarcadero, April's was booked solid, Georgie's turned out NOT to be very ritzy (and we were all dressed up and looking for ritzy), and Starfish Grill hardly has any seafood dishes (?!?!?!?), so off to Depoe Bay we went.

At Tidal Raves, Angela finally succeeded in her quest to consume "tubes and tentacles", a phrase that delights her (in part, I think, because of how much it nauseates me). The rest of our meal, however, was delicious, and the view of the sunset over the rocky shore was AMAZING (of course, we didn't think to bring our camera with us).

After checking out of the motel this morning, we engaged in our traditional "Last Day In Newport" ritual -- up to the Depoe Bay boardwalk for fudge, taffy, caramel corn, and a visit to the amazing "everything's always $20 or less" leather shop (coats, large pieces of luggage, you name it -- always under $20). Then a visit to Moe's [*WARNING* Seriously Upbeat Music in the website "intro"] next to Devil's Punchbowl, for amazing Clam Chowder (for Angela) and chili (for me).

Then a quick fillup and car wash to get rid of all the salt buildup, and we're on our way.


This time, we paused in Toledo to grab a goodie from (dum dum DUUUUMMMM!!!) The Dairy Queen Of The Undead.

Angela ordered a medium chocolate cone, and I ordered a root beer freeze (for the DQ uninitiated, a blended float).

It's on the menu. Really. It's quite yummy.

So we pull up to the window, and a teenage zombie takes our money. I kid you not, her eyes never opened more than a third of the way, she spoke in a complete monotone, and any attempts we made to smile or joke were just stared at, blankly. Okaaaayyy...

She proceeds to hand us the "medium cone" -- which looks like she dozed off while leaning on the ice cream dispenser. Angela's eyes widened and she said "I'd hate to see a large!". Blank stare. We shrug, and take the cone.

Then it was my turn, and she hands me a root beer. No ice cream. Just ice.

I said, no, I ordered a root beer freeze. She says (in monotone) "You ordered a root beer". I repeat, no, I ordered a root beer freeze.

She dumps the root beer, puts some ice cream and root beer in the cup (slowly, shuffling as she walked), and hands it back.

"That's a float. I wanted a freeze. You know, blended." (Easier to drink it while driving, you see.)

That got the biggest emotional reaction. A small sigh. She dumps out the float, shuffles around a bit more, some blending happens, and she hands me back the cup. I wasn't even going to check it at this point. I tried to pay her the difference in price, but she did NOT want to try the advanced calculus involved in correcting the previous order, figuring out the difference in price, and potentially making change a second time. She muttered something about already having rung it up, and shuffled away from the window, eyes still 2/3 shut.

So that's how I wound up with a cup of root beer, with the tiniest hint of vanilla to indicate that perhaps some ice cream made it into the glass before she blended.

Under circumstances where we were less exhausted, I suspect that Angela's "J" would have flared up, demanding we turn around, go back, complain to the manager and get it done right.

But we WERE exhausted, and I'd only wound up paying for a root beer anyway, so we just kept heading home...

[After unloading the car, I picked up Buttercup from the kennel. She is also exhausted (doubtless from 5 days of nonstop barking), so the Byers Family will be sleeping well tonight... if the whiny kitty lets us, that is...]

Current Emotional State: tired tired

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unbeliever64 From: unbeliever64 Date: August 1st, 2007 12:59 am (UTC) (Link)
Yeah, I knew you'd say that. :)

I told Angela the story of the time we ate at the crab shack and you ordered... what were they, shrimp?... wait, I think they were crawfish!... anyway, they still had their heads on, and their tiny eyeballs were blackened from the cooking...

I'm still psychologically damaged from seeing you eat those... :P
marchtoinfinity From: marchtoinfinity Date: July 31st, 2007 03:56 pm (UTC) (Link)
ditto to the happy anniversary :)

I do find the quality of minimum-wage service to be slipping more and more these days... maybe my standards are going up as I approach (but dare not attain) adulthood?
ziggy1138 From: ziggy1138 Date: August 1st, 2007 04:50 pm (UTC) (Link)

Tubes 'n Tentacles

You know, dread C'thulhu doesn't appreciate the wanton consumption of tubes and tentacles. Perhaps a compensatory sacrifice is in order.
On another note, I LIVE for freezes. Baskin Robbins will make them with sherbet and 7UP, and that is as heavenly as it gets.
Hooray for vacations! We just did a week of camping in the Gila Wilderness, and our pups were equally distressed at not being included...maybe next time.
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