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What's Going On? - Unbeliever's Land
...The continuing chronicles...
What's Going On?
I'll tell ya:

1) The Water Leak

Shortly after arriving home from our vacation, the lawn guy informs us that he noticed that one of our sprinkler valve access thingies seemed to be leaking and flooding a portion of our back yard.

Took a WEEK of multiple calls to get the sprinkler guy out to look at it. ("Umm, it's AWFULLY CLOSE to our house, we could be DAMAGING OUR HOUSE, do you think you could, you know, actually FIX IT this century?")

He finally came out, fiddled around for a bit, and left -- all without saying a word to us. So now we don't even know if it's FIXED. To date, he hasn't answered our phone messages asking about it...

I'm starting to think we need to shop for another Sprinker Guy.

2) The DISH Repair/Upgrade

Again, shortly after our return, we had a power bump one night -- and the bedroom satellite DVR/tuner could no longer find one of the two satellites. Resetting the box and doing a Switch Test didn't help.

Called DISH, got a dude in India. Dude suggested we switch boxes with another room, to see if it was the box or the outlet. Sure enough, the DVR box we brought from the living room only found one satellite when hooked up in our bedroom. Unfortunately, when we put it back in the living room, it STILL could only find one satellite. Then the living room box died completely, and just nothing but quietly chirp whenever it was plugged in. Crap, cooked the hard drive...

Called DISH again (this time, early enough in the day to reach an American DISH dude), explained that it WAS the outlet, but now, one of the DVRs is fried too. So he mailed us a new DVR, and made an appointment for a tech guy to come out and look at the outlet. We asked, "As long as he's coming out, can we upgrade the two NON-DVR tuners to DVR as well?" Yeah, we love our "pause live TV" feature, no matter what room we're in...

Well, the tech guy came out yesterday (I stayed home to work with him), but of course, his work order only said "upgrade two boxes to DVR". It said nothing about the ORIGINAL problem of fixing the outlet, or installing the replacement DVR that had arrived in the mail. Fortunately, he was able to "upgrade our work order" so he could get paid for the more extensive work needed.

Turns out end of the internal coax wire to the bedroom outlet had metal bits sticking out all over, shorting out the signal. The miracle is that we EVER got signal in the bedroom. Stupid house builders, grumble grumble grumble...

So he fixed the outlet, replaced the broken box, upgraded the non-DVRs, and for a bonus, upgraded all the wiring from the dish to the house with the latest and greatest. (Our previous wiring wasn't "up to code".)

*ALSO*, the tech guy really really hated how the cable folks hooked up our cable internet -- rather than add an outlet, he just merged the internet signal into the DISH signal for my office, and split it out again on the other side. DISH guy *HATES* that; says that probably contributed to everything going flooey. I dunno. It was only spliced into my office line, and THAT line never had trouble. But I may try to get the cable folks to add an actual outlet in my office JUST for Internet. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

3) Angela's Root Canal

Did I mention Angela had a root canal a few days ago? The dentist was as sweet and gentle as humanly possible -- but her gum is still seriously bruised and sore. Poor thing. Looks like she'll have another one at the end of the month...

And *WHILE* she was still incredibly sore, she and I pulled off a minor miracle...

4) The Cleaning of Angela's Office

We've been using Angela's office as a giant closet for the past... oh, couple of years. Since she got a laptop with wireless Internet and stopped using the room as an office. But with the DISH guy coming to test all our outlets and install the DVR boxes, we decided it was time. We took several giant garbage bags, and several empty boxes, and sorted through everything in the room.

Her office may not be quite up to USABLE again, but there is plenty of actual ROOM now, so further work will be much easier... :)

Would that my office (which I actually USE) were as clean...

So I guess that's it. Yeesh. Can't miss any more work for the rest of the month -- I may already be into unpaid leave. :(

But at least we've been fairly productive... :)

Current Emotional State: accomplished accomplished

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rampling From: rampling Date: August 15th, 2007 01:21 am (UTC) (Link)
[catching up on back-LJ reading]

Hey, is there a reason you post in such a small font? Kinda makes me want to skip reading your stuff, 'cause I set the font size for my LJ reading so that the usual font size is comfy and smaller sizes are readable but a bit annoying. That works when there are few small pointsize comments, which I find to be the usual case, but whole posts are a bit much for me.
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