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Covenant, Cally, Code and Commodore - Unbeliever's Land — LiveJournal
...The continuing chronicles...
Covenant, Cally, Code and Commodore

Melenkurion abatha! Duroc minas mill! Harad khabaal!

After eight Covenant books, Donaldson finally gave us the missing Seventh Word of Power -- and even what they all mean!  Fatal Revenant was definitely Christmastime for Unbeliever fans... :)

Only made it halfway through in time for the book signing, but that was enough to be able to thank Donaldson for the Christmas presents. :)

Wound up taking six days to finish it entirely.  I must be slipping in my old age.  I used to tear through books MUCH faster than that...


Took Angela and Cally Kitty to the vet and DMV this morning (see oregongirl1969's journal for details).  That was fun.  Poor kitty does NOT travel well.  (She's not as bad as unkaphaed's cat Theo used to be, back in the day -- but she was still Not A Happy Kitty.)  And Angela is now legal to drive for another eight years, despite the bone disease in her wrists that makes any attempt to actually drive an INCREDIBLY painful experience -- which is why I get to miss work whenever she needs to visit docs, dentists, vets and the DMV.  :)


I spent the last few days at work trying to track down an elusive bug in my SCARF code that caused *ONE* student's credit hours to go missing in the report.  Lesson learned: Always Use The Right Variable.  (The Almost-Right Variable Is Sometimes Wrong.)


In my spare time between work, running errands, and reading Covenant, I've also been re-playing Ultima III, running in a Commodore-64 emulator on my home PC -- with all the maps and game info from the web, right at hand.  Now THAT'S being a geek.  :) 

Between the fact that the emulator allows you to pause (which the original game did NOT let you do) -- and the fact that the "pretend" Commodore disk drives are *INFINITELY* faster than the originals were -- I wonder how any of us had the patience to play these games the hard way in the "good old days"...

I can't  wait until the Harold inheritance finally works through the red tape, and I can get a spiffy new machine and go back to playing modern games again... [Angela and I are STILL looking forward to playing NeverWinter Nights II...]   :)

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