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Splinter cells... - Unbeliever's Land
...The continuing chronicles...
Splinter cells...
As in, every single cell in both my hands contained splinters last night, from crawling around in the hemlock bark dust in our front yard, staking down rope lights and placing Halloween decorations...

And all praise be to my lovely wife, who (after CHOOSING the &^$&* hemlock in the first place, then "forcing" me to crawl around in it to make everything purdy for the forthcoming tidal waves of munchkins), graciously and patiently located every last excruciating splinter and tweezed them out for me. :)

It's good to be married... I think... ;)

Pics of the decor (and the VAST BOATLOAD of candy that currently sets off my diabetes just walking through the front door) to come soon...

Current Emotional State: bitchy bitchy

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