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Stalking little old ladies... - Unbeliever's Land
...The continuing chronicles...
Stalking little old ladies...
While in the car, headed out to do some Halloween shopping yesterday, I saw someone walking through the neighborhood that I'd seen before -- an older (65-ish) lady, carrying bags of cans and plastic bottles. She'd looked suspicious before, and she looked suspicious this time, so I put my shopping plans on pause and took to following her to see what she was doing.

Sure enough, she was wandering from house to house, looking for garbage dumpsters, then digging through them for things to take. Several of these dumpsters weren't even down on the street -- she would walk up right next to the house, and start poking around!

I continued to stalk her, staying about a block behind -- sometimes pulling up in front of houses, sometimes circling blocks and approaching her from another direction, but just watching to see what she was doing.

After the first few houses, right around the time things had become perfectly clear, a homeowner walked up to her and chewed her out. I was too far away to hear anything, but after the lady moved on, I pulled up and talked to the homeowner about it. She said that she had seen the lady doing this before, and had told her THEN to quit it or she'd call the police.

Thanking the homeowner for the info, I called Angela (who is an officer in our Homeowners' Association), and Angela called the police. (I wasn't particularly willing to confront the lady, myself.) The police asked me (through Angela) to keep following her, and they'd come out and talk to her.

After the first 10-15 minutes, the lady figured out that I was following her. She would stop, stare at me for a few seconds, then continue, over and over. Stop, stare, continue. Stop, stare, continue. I just stayed back, and waited for the police.

...who never showed. I must have followed her for a total of half an hour, watched her raid at least 20 houses spread out over three neighborhoods. I probably scared the hell out of her, a middle-aged white male in a car, stalking a little old lady on foot (though she was AWFULLY spry -- in much better shape than I am, walking that far with all those bags).

She just kept staring at me, more and more frequently. In the end, she ducked down a small alley where I couldn't follow, and I gave up and proceeded on my way to go shopping.

Between the homeowner who DID confront her, and having me follow her so long, I'm hoping maybe she won't be raiding dumpsters for awhile. I feel fairly crummy about the whole thing. But identify theft IS an issue, and nobody wants their trash dug through. And the police DID ask that I continue to follow her, so they could better locate her, talk to her, and presumably take my statement.

BLEAH. So what did YOU do for Terrify Poor Senior Citizens Day, yesterday?

Current Emotional State: crappy crappy

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ziggy1138 From: ziggy1138 Date: November 14th, 2007 06:43 pm (UTC) (Link)

White male...

Hey, I take personal offense to the "middle aged" part of your post...
unbeliever64 From: unbeliever64 Date: November 14th, 2007 08:45 pm (UTC) (Link)

Re: White male...

I'm officially less than two months before the big four-oh. I don't think I can avoid "middle aged" much longer... :(

Of course, just because the two of us were the same age over a quarter century ago, doesn't necessarily mean we're the same age *NOW*... ;)
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