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Red meat... - Unbeliever's Land
...The continuing chronicles...
Red meat...
Angela and I are now official white trash.  We have rented our first storage locker (10x10), for crap we don't want to throw away but have no room for at home.  Hopefully, after the neighborhood-wide garage sale May 19-21, we'll have cleared enough room to move our stuff back, and made enough money to cover the locker expense.  :)

In other news, we participated in the Neighborhood Association meeting yesterday, which meant about 3 hours all told of being outside in the park.  Gorgeous weather (if a bit windy) -- but now we realize why computer geeks don't go outside much.  We are now Lobster People.

Angela's got it worse, since many of her drugs make her skin more sensitive (they specifically warn against any significant outdoor exposure).  Half her face is very painful (fortunately, not the half she sleeps on).

I'm more evenly red, but not too sore.  Just a bit sensitive.

We bought lots and lots of good barbeque after the meeting (from the only restaurant in Oregon that makes edible barbeque by THIS Texan's standards); we pigged out last night and still have enough for darn good eatin' tonight, and maybe longer.  Mmmmmmm...

That's all for now...

[P.S. I'm still new enough to LJ that I've never used the same Current Mood twice!]

Current Spatial Coordinates: Work (lunch break)
Current Emotional State: hungry hungry
Current Audiovisual Experience: Silence except for loud electric fan

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