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I Have A Dream - Unbeliever's Land — LiveJournal
...The continuing chronicles...
I Have A Dream
It is January, 2009, and John Doe, Democrat, is sworn into office.  In his first few weeks, he sets a new record for executive orders, undoing as much of George Bush's evil by executive fiat as he possibly can.

Then he rolls up his sleeves.  In order to undo the worst of the damage, he'll have to be sneaky.

First, he holds several top-secret meetings with civilian advisors.  All that is revealed is that they involved the War on Terror.  No other information, including who attended or what was talked about, is released under any circumstances.

Two months later, several people simultaneously turn up missing:
  • Bill O'Reilly
  • Sean Hannity
  • Ann Coulter
  • Rush Limbaugh
  • Michelle Malkin
...and several other similar names.

There is a massive uproar.  People are screaming "liberal conspiracy" at the top of their lungs.  Multiple contradictory stories come out at once, but very quicky, the media starts asking questions of the White House.

After about a week of denials, the White House spokesman announces that the President has declared all of these people to be enemy combatants in the War on Terror, and is holding them indefinitely at an undisclosed location, with no contact with the outside world.

When the press scoffs at this and demands to see the proof, the White House spokesman says he's sorry, but the intelligence is classified.  But the incarcerated people were definitely helping America's enemies in a time of war, and the President is firm in his decision that these are enemy combatants.

And that's it.  The rest is up to the right-wingers.

Now THEY get to argue that there are limits to a President's powers in wartime.  Now THEY get to argue that holding Americans without trial is unConstitutional.  Now THEY get to argue that Congress has the right to know who attended those secret meetings, and what was discussed.

President Doe's administration simply makes the same arguments in court that the Bushies did.  We have a right to consult whoever we please to make sure the President has the best information.  If we had to reveal who attended the meetings, the President would not have access to the best information in the future.  The Commander in Chief's wartime powers are absolute.  He can declare anyone an enemy combatant, and enemy combatants have no rights during wartime.  The War on Terror is indefinate and might well go on forever.

If it looks like the President's arguments are actually winning the day, we up the ante and kidnap some more right-wingers.  Because the whole point of this exercise is, we're playing to lose!  But we make absolutely sure that the case is as broad as possible.  No losing on a technicality.  The goal -- the ONLY goal -- is to force the people who argued so strenuously for unlimited Presidential powers to switch sides -- and force a Supreme Court case to decide the issue for good.

[Congress can't impeach during all of this -- we don't give them enough information TO impeach.  And if they try to impeach BECAUSE the President won't give them any information... well, that, too, will be a victory.]

In the end, the right-wingers will never allow a Democrat the same powers they would have happily granted (and DID happily grant) a Republican.  In the end, they'll have to decide against us -- and therefore, against Bush's Doctrine of Infinite Presidential Powers.

And when they DO force us to reveal our intelligence, we simply release boatloads of our prisoners' videos and columns and argue that these people were agitating for a fascist overthrow of our democratic government.  (The beautiful thing is, it's all true.)

And when the Supreme Court knocks that position down because the defendants were merely exercising Free Speech, we say sorry, but the President disagrees, and refuses to remove the enemy combatant status -- and thus we force the Supreme Court to decide that the President can't arbitrarily designate people as enemy combatants.

And when the Court declares that the President CAN'T just "disappear" someone by calling them an enemy combatant and demands the prisoners be set free, we hang our heads and apologize, but we've already engaged in "extraordinary rendition", and sent them all to other countries where they have been continuously "interrogated" for many months (possibly years) now...

Anyway, that's my dream.  What's yours?  :)

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