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Random rant - Unbeliever's Land
...The continuing chronicles...
Random rant
Has anyone noticed a trend in commercials these days, whose message seems to be "Be an asshole, buy our product"?


Mentos started the trend.  "Look at me!  I'm a total dick!  But I just popped a Mentos in my mouth, so you're now required to smile and laugh with me, rather than smacking me across the face like I deserve!"

The most recent and obnoxious example are the latest Cheetos "Obey the scary hallucinogenic cheetah" ads.   Use Cheetos to screw up someone's laundry!  Use Cheetos to mess up the desk of a (GASP) tidy person!  And so on...

Has our culture truly devolved so far that "Be an asshole" is actually a winning message?

*SIGH*  I blame Bush...

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