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Hulk SMASH! - Unbeliever's Land
...The continuing chronicles...
*FINALLY* got to see the big green guy, at the last showing on the last day it was running anywhere in the Willamette Valley...

What can I say?  Between this movie and Iron Man, Marvel is just RAINING presents on us comic geeks these days.  With promises of more and better to come!

The way they repeatedly referenced the TV series, while blending it in to the classic comic, was sheer genius.  (Edward Norton even manages to LOOK like Bill Bixby at times.)

When I first heard that they were planning to have a different director and different actors from the previous Hulk movie, I was upset.  I *HATE* it when a series of movies has serious continuity glitches!  But this isn't "HULK 2", this is "INCREDIBLE HULK" -- this isn't a continuity glitch, this is a complete and utter do-over.  The previous Hulk movie is utterly ignored.

Which really, is a good thing.  I liked the previous movie, don't get me wrong... but it didn't really lend itself to an ongoing series.  I mean, the whole father/son, Absorbing Man, metaphorical-battle-against-nature-itself thing was a bit much.  Where do you go from there?

This was a more down-to-earth Hulk, a better story.  And the link to Iron Man, with yet ANOTHER in-story promise of an Avengers movie... I literally shiver in anticipation...

Checking it out on IMDB, I see that in addition to his cameo, Lou Ferrigno was HULK'S VOICE in this movie!  How cool is that!

Yup, Marvel is totally pandering to us comic geeks these days... and I'm loving every minute of it.

Current Emotional State: irate Big and green

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iwannabeaudra From: iwannabeaudra Date: July 14th, 2008 07:57 pm (UTC) (Link)


It's so nice when you get your particular brand of geekery pandered to really well. :) I've heard both Hulk and Iron Man are good, and that's nice to see, even for non-comic book fans. Hollywood can actually get it right occasionally!
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