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Vacation Day 4 - Unbeliever's Land
...The continuing chronicles...
Vacation Day 4
We had a blast yesterday adventuring down in Yachats and Cape Perpetua (photos will be posted soon).  We even managed not to COMPLETELY kill Angela doing it!  (She spent today only MOSTLY dead.)

Much fish, ice cream, fudge, cotton candy, taffy, and other sugary products I have no business eating, was purchased, eaten and/or saved for later.  (Yes, I know fish isn't a sugary product; it's just something ELSE that was purchased, eaten, and/or saved for later.)

Today, after Angela recharged her spoons (just roll with it), we went to Tidal Raves, the ritzy Depoe Bay restaurant, for our actual anniversary.  We had a great view of the bay.  We watched a crazy dude in a wet suit crawl out of the bay onto a rock, sun himself for fifteen minutes, then dive back in.  We also saw some whale spouts in the same general area.  Maybe Crazy Dude was trying to have a close encounter...

Since the ritzy restaurant didn't have any decent champagne (go figure), Angela and I picked up some at Fred Meyers on the way back to the motel, toasted each other, and opened our presents.  And now we have to go collapse and get ready for our last full day of vacation...

Current Emotional State: exhausted exhausted

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