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I'd call this "Wallcock" if that didn't sound dirty... - Unbeliever's Land
...The continuing chronicles...
I'd call this "Wallcock" if that didn't sound dirty...
Yay!  Angela and I made it to our double-feature!

First was Wall-E.

What can I say?  Leave it to Pixar to make me fall in love with an egg-shaped I-Mac with murderous tendencies.

The premise is, Wall-E is the last of the garbage-collector robots, who were left behind to make Earth habitable again, several hundred years after humanity has thoroughly trashed it.  The humans, meanwhile, are waiting in spoiled comfort aboard a really big spaceship, really really far away (although it seems to only have a few hundred humans aboard -- did the human race get THAT close to extinction?).

Anyway, one day, the ship sends out probes to see if Earth is capable of supporting life again -- and Wall-E meets Eve, the murderous space probe.  Hilarity, adventure and romance inevitably ensues.

[Seriously -- what the HELL was it with EVE and the whole "we come in peace; shoot to kill" thing she was doing there at the beginning?  You're a probe, searching for LIFE -- and you blast anything that moves?  Ah well, it served to make for a rocky first encounter with Wall-E.  :)  ]

I'm pretty sure I've seen every Pixar movie ever made, and so far, even with high expectations going in, they have yet to disappoint.  I cannot think of another production company (or director, or producer...) for whom I would just AUTOMATICALLY go see anything they put out.  Pixar remains at the top of their game, and I'm thrilled I got to see Wall-E on the big screen.

Afterwards, on the same screen, we stayed and saw Hancock.  (Yes, we paid for those tickets as well, smart-ass.)

I didn't have the same amazingly high expectations for Hancock that I did for Wall-E -- but it *IS* a WIll Smith movie.  And the whole superhero-gone-bad thing?  Sign me up!

And sure enough, it was what I expected.  Will Smith being Will Smith, starting off all drunk and who-gives-a-shit, and slowly being brought around to being more of a standard good-guy superhero.  Lots of fun, and pretty much no surprises.


Somehow, I managed not to get spoiled on the one MAJOR surprise that happens halfway through the movie (and changes the entire course of the rest of the movie).  I don't know *HOW* I managed to not get spoiled on this surprise -- but I'm glad I wasn't.

Likewise, I won't spoil you (expect, I guess, by saying there IS one).  Just go in, expecting a fun Will Smith movie, and you won't be disappointed.

Leaving Hancock, I only had one question:  "So when am I finally going to get my Greatest American Hero movie, huh?"  :)

Next on the must-see movie list: Hellboy II, Dark Knight, and (for Angela) X-Files.  Hey, she tags along to all of *MY* crappy movies... :)

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