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Obama and hope... - Unbeliever's Land
...The continuing chronicles...
Obama and hope...
As usual, kightp says everything much better than me; you should just go read her post and ignore my drivel.

Really, what is there to say?

Obama kicks ass.  Literally.  He is virtually recreating the Democratic party, and none too soon.

His speech was brilliant.  Nobody has ever channeled Martin Luther King so effectively.  And the subtle references to The American President at the end of his speech (which apparantly, Angela and I WEREN'T the only ones to notice)?  Made my heart sing.

I know, we're supposed to be cynical.  Nobody REALLY means it when they say all that populist stuff, and you're a sucker if you buy into it.  Democrats and Republicans are two sides of the same corporate coin, and nobody gets to be the official party nominee without first selling their soul to the megacorps.

Well, fuck that.

I will be a true believer, for Obama.  He is easily the Kennedy of his generation, and he clearly has the potential for true greatness.

Furthermore, we NEED him.  Jesus Christ, this country needs to be brought out of the darkness, and Obama is the only person even remotely capable of doing it.

Yes, he's already made a few decisions that make me wince.  Yes, I was hoping for a veep a little less... entrenched than Biden.

But I don't care.  Cynicism is what is killing this country, and for the sake of the shining ray of hope that is Obama, I shall strive to be a bit less cynical, for now.

Please, Obama.  Please... don't blow this...

Current Emotional State: hopeful hopeful

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compostwormbin From: compostwormbin Date: August 31st, 2008 05:49 am (UTC) (Link)
You expressed my views on Obama and probably better than I would have.
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