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The Greatest American TV Show... - Unbeliever's Land
...The continuing chronicles...
The Greatest American TV Show...
The greatest show in the television history -- bar none -- is making a comeback!

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The Greatest American Hero has been my absolute favorite program since the day the pilot aired, WAY back in 1981. The theme song ("Believe It Or Not") was the number 2 song on the pop charts that year -- and it got played at my wedding in 2002 (along with "I'm Under Your Spell", the lesbian wiccan love song from Buffy The Musical).

This year, The Greatest American Hero begins a trifecta comeback: it is being released as a comic book, a series of animated web shorts, and most importantly, as a live-action movie (the movie is still in the planning stages, but STILL).

More info here.

Happy happy happy happy happy... :)

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