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Kings of the Hill - Unbeliever's Land
...The continuing chronicles...
Kings of the Hill
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you our Republican nominees to be Kings of the Hill:



...but seriously, lets give Ms. Palin all the respect she's due, as she reads the VP acceptance speech tonight that was written before McCain had even chosen his running mate.  (Never fear, reports are that it's been updated, as the first speech was too "masculine".)

Once she's given her speech, THEN we can resume laughing hysterically at McCain's transparant (and already failed) attempt to woo disaffected Clinton supporters...

I mean, seriously...  a year and a half ago, her highest position was mayor of a town of 6000 people.  But hey, she's spent over a year now as governor of Alaska (population: 670,000), so surely she's ready to run the United States the moment McCain (oldest EVER presidential nominee) has a stroke or kicks the bucket...


Here's your moment, Sarah.  Make the most of it...

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