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Get off my lawn! - Unbeliever's Land
...The continuing chronicles...
Get off my lawn!
This year at work, I get to learn UNIX (BASH shell), PERL, and a little program called APPWORX which is going to replace all of Banner Job Submission at OSU... just as soon as my coworker and I figure out how it works.

By this time next Fall, all of my vaunted VMS knowledge -- the only mainframe operating system I've ever worked with, including throughout my years of college, and the entire reason OSU hired me 14 years ago -- will be officially worthless.

*SIGH*  I'm officially going to be one of those old-school computer geeks, waxing fondly of the days of punch cards and vacuum tubes.  All I need now is a fringe of white hair around a mostly-bald head, and a huge pair of suspenders...

Current Emotional State: numb old

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