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Warning -- Rant Ahead - Unbeliever's Land
...The continuing chronicles...
Warning -- Rant Ahead
Leave it to the Dems to rain on their own parade.

From cartoonist Ted Rall:

Don't be fooled by the electoral college rout. The popular vote reveals that United States remains a deeply divided country. Bush got 51 percent of the vote in 2004; Kerry drew 48 percent. Obama defeated McCain 51-48. A surge of newly registered voters, including many African-Americans energized by Obama's candidacy, accounts for the three percent difference.

No one's mind has changed. People who voted for Bush in 2004 voted for McCain. If everyone who voted for Obama had shown up at the polls four years ago, John Kerry would be president. Obama's victory is the triumph of retail fundraising, computer metrics, and a team of smart, focused advisors who knew how to exploit them.

From Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean

"I don't think it's a mandate for the New Deal"

From Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid:

It is "not a mandate for any political party or any ideology"

You know what, guys?  Just Shut The Fuck Up.  Do you ever hear the Republicans raining on their own parade, the day after they stomp the competition?  *NO*!!!

We officially kicked butt.  Screw the 3% popular vote difference.  We have the right-wing Republican Noise Machine to make sure we don't forget that detail.  *WE* get to revel in winning 2/3 of the electoral college!  *WE* stomped Republicans across the country, and *WE* have a mandate to do Whatever The Fuck We Want come Jan 20.  As good ole G.W. announced four years ago -- we've got political capital, and we intend to SPEND IT!

Hell *YES* New Deal.  Hell *YES* "socialized medicine".  And whatever else we think of!

We've been pandering to the right wing in this country for *WAY* too long -- letting them scare us to death about the horrible fate that will befall any politician who dares step an inch to the left.  But give the left something to actually *VOTE* for, and look what happens!

To quote Harold Dean from four years ago -- YEEAAAARRRRRGGGHHH!!!!!

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