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Post-Xmas carnage - Unbeliever's Land
...The continuing chronicles...
Post-Xmas carnage
Angela was nice to me this year, and didn't make me set up outdoor Christmas decorations in the ice and snow (or, two days before Xmas, in the rain).  Never mind I should have had them set up sooner -- life is so chaotic these days, there has Simply Been No Time.  What Christmas shopping DID get done, happened more-or-less all at once, in a mad online shopping spree.

I have reason to hope that, by next year at this time, at least the WORK side of my life should be considerably settled down -- and maybe that will cross over into my personal life as well.  Of course, BETWEEN now and next year at this time, work looks to be Seriously Stressful.  So... I may just be a catatonic drooling vegetable by then...

But this post isn't about work.  Today marks my eighth consecutive day off (not that I've had much free time these past eight days), and I don't want to think about work two days from now, any more than I have to (not that I can really avoid it).

THIS post is mostly to wave at everybody, say "Hi!", and express wishes that everyone has had a good holiday.

Our doggie was *SO* happy to get that cone off her head after two weeks, she's been a total love-doggie ever since.  (Though her ornery side is definitely making a comeback.)

We got two more fancy electronic toys for Xmas -- a PlayStation 3 (bought ostensibly as a blu-ray disc player, though we've spent more time playing games on it so far than watching movies, and the only movie we DID watch wasn't blu-ray), and a digital camcorder.  Be watching for MOVIES of Buttercup "being herself" online, before long... :)

After the gift-wrap-shredding carnage, we spent the second half of Xmas Day with Angela's dad and stepmom, eating a lovely meal, and having alot of fun.  We even set up THEIR new PlayStation(!!).

Tomorrow, we hope to get together with some friends for some quiet, low-level fun.  That's about all the energy we have left...

[We had such glorious dreams of getting some serious cleaning/organizing done around the house this week... but those dreams are rapidly vanishing into the mist, as time marches inevitably forward...]

The first week in January is going to be Hell Week at work.  Don't expect to hear much from me during that time...

Current Emotional State: happy happy

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amaebi From: amaebi Date: December 27th, 2008 02:34 pm (UTC) (Link)
Glad to hear from you, and please don't forget to breathe!
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