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Houston Day 1 - Unbeliever's Land
...The continuing chronicles...
Houston Day 1
12:30am: Alarm goes off.  Time to wake up and begin our day.  *SIGH*
2:30am: Leave the house right on time.  Unfortunately, had to stop and mail unexpected taxes due (we thought we had a REFUND coming).  Between that, and a stop for McDonalds, we arrive at the airport later than planned.  Nevertheless, we make the flight nicely (though with less "breathing room" than planned.
6:00am: Plane takes off on time.  1st class seats are comfy!  Even Angela is doing well.
12:00pm: Houston Time -- Plane lands on time. 
12:30pm: Angela waits with bags on concrete bench, while Reed goes to fetch rental car.
1:00pm: Reed obtains car without much trouble.
2:00pm: After circling the airport FOR A FULL HOUR (!!!), Reed *FINALLY* locates the Hidden Spot Amidst The Construction where Angela was waiting.  Angela is *CRIPPLED* from 90 minutes on the hard bench.
3:00pm: We check in to the motel.  Angela collapses in bed and takes lots of drugs.
3:30pm: James & Rach turn up at the motel.  Nice timing!  We socialize a bit...
5:30pm: Angela crashes some more while Reed visits family.
8:00pm: Reed returns, and the four of us eat and socialize...
10:30pm: James and Rach turn into pumpkins and return to their room.
11:30pm: Reed starts this LJ...

And the first day is over.  A nearly 24-hour-long, sleepy, exhausting, annoying and really fun day.

Tomorrow will be better...

So, how did the Fox(tm) Clueless Lemming Tea Parties go?  ;)

Current Emotional State: tired tired

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amaebi From: amaebi Date: April 18th, 2009 08:42 pm (UTC) (Link)
So did the day get better? How about the days since?
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