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My Life in Ten Minutes - Unbeliever's Land — LiveJournal
...The continuing chronicles...
My Life in Ten Minutes
OK, more like "My Life in an Hour of Off-Again, On-Again Typing"... :)

Where to begin?

The Great Banner Migration is next weekend... no pressure there...

We're just moving to a new version of Banner... running on an Operating System (Linux) we're still in the "clumsy awkward" stage of learning... using this new "Appworx" thing to run jobs, which is ALSO very awkward... pushing new code out with SubVersion, which is *ALSO* new to us and very awkward... what could possibly go wrong?

At home, I've been sleeping on the couch for the past several months... frankly, since Houston... *NOT* due to any relationship friction with Angela (who is always sweetness and light), but due strictly to her health/sleep issues.  The Expensive New Bed, posted about way back when, turned out not to be right for Angela after all.  It has been sold and replaced with an Expensive Newer Bed -- which is firmer, but with the addition of four fuzzy blankets under the fitted sheet, seems to be comfortable enough for her.  (Making up the bed, on the other hand, is a half-hour ordeal.)

Nevertheless, Angela's sleep issues are largely improved, and Any Day Now (as we've been saying since the couch thing started), I'll be coming back to bed...

I've taken advantage of my extended time in the living room by watching lots of DVD "extras" -- "making of" minidocumentaries, etc.  Angela hates those.  :)  I've just started the SIX-DVD "extras" for the extended edition of the Lord of the Rings trilogy.  (I may be the only human to have actually inserted those discs into a DVD player...)

We also have a wheelchair for Angela now -- which has enabled her to get out and about a tad more often.  We've managed to see Transformers 2, Harry Potter 6, G.I. Joe, and District 9 -- a better movie record than we'd managed in quite awhile.  For Harry Potter, we actually attended a CSS meeting, went out to eat, and THEN saw the movie, back-to-back!  That was a good day.  :)

And Just Because My Life Isn't Stressful Enough, my beloved supercomputer -- high-end, best of the best as of a year ago -- is crashing down around me.  It overheats unless you leave the side panel removed.  (It's a large case with six fans -- I thought I had cooling COVERED.)  PLUS, the RAM is apparently faulty (which I can temporarily work around by running it "slow").  PLUS the "You Must Re-Install Windows Every Two Years or Slow to a Stop And Crash Badly" disease, seems to have hit Vista Ultimate a year early.  Several system DLLs seem to not want to run anymore.  My sound is *GONE* (as in, you can't even access the Windows Control Panel for sound without crashing).  I've deleted the on-board sound device from the system and reinstalled -- still doesn't help. 

I'm really not looking forward to having to reinstall Windows all over again...  especially when I've heard that what I *REALLY* wanna do is wait 2-3 months and then install the new Windows 7, which is apparently "Vista Done Right"...

Waaah.  :(

For the time being, I'm getting my game-playing fix with my Atari 2600 10-games-in-one Joystick hooked up to the living room TV.  Badly pixelated games never looked so... badly pixelated.  But the good news is, I'm better at Asteroids than I was as a kid... :)

A week after Banner 8 goes live (two weeks from now, if you're paying attention), Angela and I finally get our much-belated Anniversary Week at the Coast.  Instead of our usual motel, we're renting a huge four-bedroom house, RIGHT on the beach.  Luxury!  And now that we have Angela's wheelchair, we hope to do a bit more "going out" while we're there.  Oregon Coast Aquarium, here we come...

And as of 5 hours ago, we are proud owners of two Kindles -- the Big-Screen one for Angela, and a regular one for me.  We are joining the e-book age at long last...

So things aren't all bad.  :) 

Once work is done with Banner 8, and I've resurrected my computer, and we're lounging by the ocean reading our Kindles... we will have Bliss.  :)

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